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One of COPE's values is Community Collaboration: Through partnerships that create positive change and improve health.


The Evolve program aims to connect with retail merchants, wholesalers, manufacturers, and other local businesses and establish “Evolve Partnerships." This collaboration creates the opportunity for businesses to donate excess inventory and/or returned goods to Evolve.


All Donations are eligible for tax credit. Donations are processed by participants in our Work Adjustment Training (WAT) program in our warehouse, then marked for resale at the Evolve Resale Store. Prices for products will be priced at a reduced rate anywhere between 30 – 60% off the retail value, and 100% of the sales generated from donated products, go back to strengthen and expand our programs. Participants in our WAT program gain knowledge and the skills necessary to transition to gainful employment, increasing their overall health and wellbeing.



  • Aligns your business or organizations with a good cause

  • Tax break/incentives for donations (consultation with tax advisor recommended)

  • Eliminate warehousing costs for excess inventory

  • Visibility among industry/community leaders and the Media

  • Donations feed directly to training programs and connect an underserved population in the community with job placement opportunities


Depending on your company’s corporate structure, the tax benefit of donating excess inventory can be very advantageous, while also making a difference for people in need.


Businesses are able to deduct the lower of:

  1. The cost of the products plus one-half of the difference between the cost and the fair market selling price or,

  2. Twice the cost.

“S” corporations or a partnership company are able to earn a straight cost deduction. Consultation with a tax advisor is recommended to determine the deduction.

(Section 170(e)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code)

COPE is invested in building a vital and vibrant community with opportunities for each person to achieve their highest potential. Focusing on recovery from hardship and providing the necessary tools for individuals to meet their goals has been our mission for over 46 years. It is with excitement and respect that we extend an invitation to you, our community partner, to join us in Building Better opportunities for those in need and Evolve with us.

Become an "Evolve Partner" today.
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